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CWORKS by Toyota Tsusho Corporation
New brand of car spare parts, oils and technical fluids, owned by the international Toyota Tsusho Corporation, founded in Japan in 1947. Living and prospering with people, society and Earth, we are going to be a company that generates values to create a prosperous society. Corporate philosophy of Toyota Tsusho Corporation
CWORKS car spare parts are manufactured in factories where original parts are created. An integrated approach to the development and production of spare parts allows us to create a product that perfectly matches the characteristics of the car, laid down during its engineering. Each batch of spare parts has high quality control for Toyota. Product quality is certified by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.


CWORKS — is an auto parts manufacturer which is included to the Japanese Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Taking the longstanding experience of Toyota Tsusho Corp., CWORKS combines the most modern production technologies, impressive production facilities, strong management and improved product quality.

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Toyota Tsusho (Guangzhou) Co., LTD.
TAS Corporation
Pit & Drive
Sri Lanka
Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific PTE.LTD.
Toyotsu Binter Automotive Parts Pte.Ltd.
In the CWORKS brand development policy, we are in constant dialogue with the consumer to improve quality and identify new opportunities. We invite you not just to a dialogue, but to participate in the development of a global brand from Toyota Tsusho Corporation. CWORKS – traditions of the future.

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Optimum Trading LLC presented a new line of premium Japanese oils CWORKS SUPERIA OIL, developed by Optimum Trading LLC together with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the CWORKS brand owner, at the 25th International Exhibition of Automotive Components and Aftersales Car Care Products - MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2022. The exhibition was held at Expocentre in Moscow on 23-26 August 2022.

MIMS Automechanika Moscow is the top-rated exhibition of spare car parts, components, equipment and other car maintenance goods in Russia and Eastern Europe. The largest producers and distributors present their new products and services there.

More than 1 000 car maintenance specialists and trade companies representatives visited the CWORKS exposition this year.

On 23 August, as part of the MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2022 exhibition, Expocentre hosted the national Automotive Component Award of the Year ceremony, where CWORKS was awarded as the Brand of the Year in the Motor Oils category.

The national Automotive Сomponent Award of the Year was established in 2011 as an independent professional award for manufacturing companies and distributors of automotive components in the Russian market. The award brings together more than 2 000 participants who compete in 23 categories. The winners are determined by the jury composed of recognized experts of the Russian car market, including the industry media representatives, analysts and technical experts. Evaluation and ranking criteria are: a survey of wholesale companies and distributors, product novelty, consumer loyalty, marketing activity and customer satisfaction level.

Sergey Voronov, General Director of Optimum Trading LLC, the exclusive importer of the CWORKS brand in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, received the top award for the “Motor Oils” nomination.

The high rating is the result of recognition and year on year growth of consumer interest in the CWORKS brand in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

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Optimum Trading LLC is the exclusive importer of two lines of CWORKS motor oils in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe: CWORKS OIL and CWORKS SUPERIA OIL. So what is their difference and are they interchangeable?

Country of origin

First of all, it should be noted that these lines of motor oils are produced in different parts of the world.

The CWORKS OIL line is manufactured at a European plant which laboratory ranks among the top 10 by the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC). CWORKS SUPERIA OIL is a premium line of Japanese motor transmission oils produced at the high-tech plant owned by the JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, founded in 1888.

Local statutory compliance with production requirements affects one more aspect - packaging. According to European standards, CWORKS OIL products are produced in accordance with the European legal requirements: in plastic packaging. While CWORKS SUPERIA OIL - in iron. Consumers also have different opinions on the issue, and therefore Optimum Trading LLC representatives offer their clients two lines of motor oils to choose from.

Unique Classifications

There are also engine oils with unique tolerances and specifications that can only be found in the CWORKS SUPERIA OIL line. And which are not represented in CWORKS OIL. By the same token, products with other tolerances and specifications are exclusively available in the CWORKS OIL line. CWORKS SUPERIA OIL products comply with API SP and ILSAC GF-6A classifications. These are the latest classes of motor oils that meet the latest demands of automakers. Oils of these classes are superior to their predecessors in many ways. In accordance with the most stringent requirements adopted by API and ILSAC, these oils are produced on highly refined VHVI Group III base oils (Very High Viscosity Index). They have a high fuel economy index according to the results of the “Sequence VIF” test and prevent the LSPI effect (Low Speed Pre-Ignition) via the use of new additive packages.

Can they be used together?

Another important difference is that these engine oils allow the use of non-identical base oils and additives. In this regard, we do not recommend mixing oils from different lines, even if they have the same tolerances and specifications. However, it should be mentioned that all components of CWORKS motor and transmission oils are of high quality regardless of the line.

CWORKS OILS and CWORKS SUPERIA OIL engine and transmission oils are already on the market and are distributed by Optimum Trading LLC in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

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New brands always spark interest. Especially when these brands offer prospects of high quality and adaptation to the difficult conditions of the Russian environment. In March 2020, Optimum Trading LLC, a representative of the CWORKS by Toyota Tsusho Corporation brand in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, launched CWORKS OIL engine lubricants in Russia.

Where are the lines of lubricants produced, what are their advantages and features? Let's take a look.

The parent company of the Toyota Tsusho Corporation brand pays great attention to the quality of selected suppliers and is constantly engaged in various research studies and projects in Japan and around the world. Toyota Tsusho Corporation desire to be represented in every corner of the world, while offering traditional Japanese quality, has made the corporation create the most effective and wanted products for every country. Thus, CWORKS brand created two lines of motor oils, lubricants and special fluids: CWORKS OIL and CWORKS SUPERIA OIL.

The way a product is made directly affects what it can offer its consumer. Therefore, it would be of high interest to take a look at the conditions for the production of the European CWORKS OIL line. It is worth saying that here everything is at its best as well: modern European plant, advanced equipment, in-house research center and laboratory for the development and testing of oil products.

Thanks to these production conditions, CWORKS OIL engine oils are reliable to protect the engines of all types of vehicles: passenger cars, SUVs, minibuses; and make their work more cost-effective.

CWORKS SUPERIA OIL premium line products are produced at a high-tech plant of the JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation, founded in 1888. The manufactured product has the API SP and ILSAC GF-6A classes, first in Russia. The line is certified and meets the highest quality standards.

The ILSAC GF-6A category corresponds to the API SP Resource Conserving class, which includes multigrade oils of SAE viscosities: 0W-20, 0W-30, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30. Resource Conserving is a separate class of resource-saving oils, set apart as API.

API SP and ILSAC GF-6A new category engine oils are designed for passenger cars with gasoline engines.

Thus far, oils of these categories are the most innovative and technologically advanced lubricants. They answer the needs of modern automakers to a greater extent. The features of oils in this category have advantages over their predecessor categories API SN and API SN PLUS in many ways. API SP specification products are subject to more stringent requirements. This is due to the fact that this specification is focused on increasing the service life of engine parts and preserving their resources. Much attention is also paid to reducing fuel consumption.

The main advantages of the API SP class over API SN and API SN PLUS include:

- Reduced risk of pre-ignition of the air-fuel mixture (Low Speed ​​Pre Ignition or LSPI);

- Reduced risk of high-temperature deposits on the piston;

- Higher requirements to the amount of sludge and varnish formed by the oil;

- Increase of life of the timing chain;

- Improved fuel economy;

- Reduced risk of high-temperature deposits in the turbocharger;

- Increase of the level of compatibility with aftertreatment systems.

API SP and ILSAC GF-6A category lubricants are not only considerably superior to their predecessors, but can completely replace them.

Winter in Russia is a real challenge, both for car users and their vehicles. And this is exactly what is emphasized in the production of CWORKS products. The motor oil components are selected with due consideration of the Russian climate diversity and meeting the necessary tolerances. Low viscosity at low temperatures is another advantage for the Russian harsh winters.

It is important for CWORKS to produce the most innovative products, therefore the exclusive importer Optimum Trading LLC represents API SP and ILSAC GF-6A class lubricants in Russia, the CIS countries and Eastern Europe.

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